2021 Toyota Highlander Platinum AWD Exterior Driver Side Front Angle

2021 Toyota Highlander Models, Trim Levels & Price

Much like with the Camry earlier this month, we’ve realized it’s been a while since we touched on the Toyota Highlander. In fact, we’ve yet to even touch on the 2021 model year here on the blog. So, we thought we’d remedy that today by once again giving you the rundown on the different models in which the vehicle is available, as well as its many different trim levels and the base price point for each one. Check out the information in the table below.

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Trim Level



HighlanderLFront-wheel Drive$34,910
HighlanderLAll-wheel Drive$36,510
HighlanderLEFront-wheel Drive$37,110
Highlander HybridLEFront-wheel Drive$38,510
HighlanderLEAll-wheel Drive$38,710
HighlanderXLEFront-wheel Drive$39,910
Highlander HybridLEAll-wheel Drive$40,110
Highlander HybridXLEFront-wheel Drive$41,310
HighlanderXSEFront-wheel Drive$41,505
HighlanderXLEAll-wheel Drive$41,510
Highlander HybridXLEAll-wheel Drive$42,910
HighlanderXSEAll-wheel Drive$43,455
HighlanderLimitedFront-wheel Drive$43,865
Highlander HybridLimitedFront-wheel Drive$45,265
HighlanderLimitedAll-wheel Drive$45,815
HighlanderPlatinumFront-wheel Drive$47,065
Highlander HybridLimitedAll-wheel Drive$47,215
Highlander HybridPlatinumFront-wheel Drive$48,465
HighlanderPlatinumAll-wheel Drive$49,015
Highlander HybridPlatinumAll-wheel Drive$50,415

Hopefully, the table above helps you figure out which Highlander model might be the right one for you. As you can see, each trim level is available with your choice of either front- or all-wheel drive, with the latter running up the base MSRP a bit. The two available models are the Highlander with traditional powertrain and, of course, the Highlander Hybrid which offers improved fuel economy ratings.

2021 Toyota Highlander Platinum AWD Interior Cabin Dashboard
2021 Toyota Highlander XSE Interior Cabin Seating

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