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Which Interior Accessories Should I Add to My Toyota This Summer?

Best Toyota Vehicle Accessories for Summertime Driving 

Summer is finally here and the temperatures are heating up! With the hotter temperatures, the interior of your Toyota is going to turn into an oven and can make driving uncomfortable. Luckily, we have a few accessories that are worth the investment during the summer season! 

Windshield Sun Shade 

One of the best ways to keep your vehicle a little cooler during the summer – especially when the sun is shining – is to use a windshield sun shade. This will help provide some shade so that your steering wheel, seats, and seatbelt buckles won’t scald your skin. You can buy a plain silver one, or you can find decorative ones with butterflies, Mickey Mouse, or this really awesome one featuring our favorite Golden Girls

Steering Wheel Cover 

Not interested in a windshield sun shade? Then we at least recommend purchasing a steering wheel cover so that your hands won’t hurt when you drive on a hot day! There are a multitude of styles and designs available, including licensed characters. 

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Cargo Cover 

If you are driving a crossover, having a cargo cover is incredibly helpful! In addition to protecting your cargo from theft, a cargo cover offers some shade to help keep your items from overheating or fading in the sun. Contact us here at White’s Toyota to select a cargo cover for your Toyota crossover and we will be happy to install it for you! 

Scented Air Fresheners 

You will most likely be using you’re A/C and your windows will be rolled up – and add in the heat, any smells (like the milk your kid spilled in the backseat) will be extremely noticeable. While we recommend having a deep clean performed on your Toyota vehicle’s interior, a great quick fix is using an air freshener. A tried-and-true tree-shaped one will be just fine, but the ones from Bath and Body Works always make us smile! 

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