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Toyota Tire Puncture Repair Kit Being Removed

Learn How to Use the Toyota Tire Puncture Repair Kit with this Helpful Video

The Toyota Tire Puncture Repair Kit is a fantastic feature – as long as you know how to use it. Certain vehicles offer this great feature, and though some subtle differences might appear from vehicle to vehicle, the repair kit itself functions largely the same across the board. If you’re trying to figure out how to use the Toyota Tire Puncture Repair Kit, the video below will walk you through using it to fix your tire on the go. This kit is much more convenient than replacing a tire with a spare. Check out the video for assistance!

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2020 Toyota Camry parked near sidewalk in city at night

Can you use your phone to unlock your new Toyota?

How to use Toyota Remote Connect on your phone

Technology is so ingrained in our lives these days that it feels weird to ever disconnect from anything at all. The automotive world is no different, with automakers like Toyota continuing to lead the way in innovation to make it easier to drive cars and even easier to operate them or stay connected to them while you are not driving. Toyota has a specific app that you can download on your smartphone that lets you do a number of things regarding select new Toyota models. Read ahead to find out how to use Toyota Remote Connect on your phone. 

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Find Out How You Can Get the Most Out of Amazon Alexa in Your Toyota Vehicle!

Amazon Alexa How-To Video for Toyota Vehicles

Toyota has always been a leader in technology by creating new offerings for drivers or partnering up with existing technologies so that drivers can enjoy them while on the road. One of the more recent technologies available on many new Toyota vehicles is Amazon Alexa. We love using this technology because we can ask questions or make requests without taking our eyes off the road! Find out how to set it up and use it by watching the video below!

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Dark sky with big bolt of lightning

How Do I Protect My Toyota from Summer Storms?

Tips for Protecting Your Toyota from Storms During the Summer Season 

The state of Ohio sits on the eastern edge of the United States’ Tornado Alley. While we generally don’t see the number of twisters like Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska do, it never hurts to be prepared for summer storms. In addition to knowing where in your home to seek shelter (a basement/cellar is best, otherwise the bathtub or a closet are adequate) and to have an emergency kit (complete with basic first aid supplies and several water bottles), it is good to know how to keep your vehicle as protected as possible. Here are some tips to help you out! 

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Young woman wearing a red dress while driving

How Do I Know If Someone Is Following Me and What Should I Do?

What to Do If You Are Being Followed While You are Driving 

With us spending more time at home, we have been spending more time watching TV and listening to podcasts. And we have really gotten absorbed into shows from the true crime genre. One thing that we realized while watching or listening to these shows is how often people are followed in their vehicle. To help you stay safe, we thought that we would share these tips: 

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Colored eggs for the Easter holiday

How Do I Make the Best Eggs for the Spring Holidays?

Best Easter Egg Tips 

Easter is just a few days away and while the holiday arrived very quickly (as per usual), we are very excited! Or maybe we should say “egg-cited” because we always look forward to the egg-shaped goodies: egg-shaped Reese’s, Cadbury Crème Eggs, Jell-O eggs, plastic eggs filled with surprises, and so much more! But the most quintessential egg item during the Easter and springtime holidays is none other than the colored egg! To make sure that you have the best (and most social media-worthy) eggs, we are going to share some helpful tips with you! 

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Woman reading a book during the winter season

How Can I Stay Healthy While I am Working from Home During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

Tips for Staying Healthy While Staying at Home 

Now that the Coronavirus is here, many of us are working from home. While it’s great to be able to wear our PJs all day as we are working in the home office or at the kitchen table, it’s important that we keep ourselves healthy – the last thing we want to do when we finally return to the actually office is walk in with a Quarantine 15. Luckily, we have some tips to help you stay healthy. 

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Sunset in the distance with an open road

Which Podcasts Should I Tune in to While on My Springtime Road Trips?

Best Podcasts for Spring 2020 Road Trips

If you are hitting the road soon, you are probably eager to pick out the perfect audio options. Music playlists are always a good idea, but podcasts have been the top choice lately. If you use Spotify, you have so many podcasts to choose from that it can be overwhelming – a lot like how Netflix can be overwhelming so you always turn back to The Office or Parks & Recreation. If you are looking for a new podcast, we have a few suggestions! Read the rest of this entry >>

Woman gazing out a window during the winter season

What are Some Fun Activities That I Can Do at Home During the Rest of the Winter Season?

Best Indoor Activities for the Remaining Winter Season

Lately, we have been feeling like we are living in that one scene of Disney’s Bambi where the snow is blowing as the young fawn is looking out his den’s entry. “Winter sure is long, isn’t it?” Bambi laments, to which his mother responds, “It seems long, but it won’t last forever.” If you are starting to get tired of the winter season and you don’t feel like driving anywhere with your new Toyota vehicle, we have some fun ideas to help pass the time! Read the rest of this entry >>