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Can you use your phone to unlock your new Toyota?

How to use Toyota Remote Connect on your phone

Technology is so ingrained in our lives these days that it feels weird to ever disconnect from anything at all. The automotive world is no different, with automakers like Toyota continuing to lead the way in innovation to make it easier to drive cars and even easier to operate them or stay connected to them while you are not driving. Toyota has a specific app that you can download on your smartphone that lets you do a number of things regarding select new Toyota models. Read ahead to find out how to use Toyota Remote Connect on your phone. 

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Using Toyota Remote Connect to lock and unlock your car doors 

First, make sure you have Toyota Remote Connect downloaded on your phone and that you have signed up for an account and that you have gone through the necessary steps to synchronize your phone to your specific new Toyota model.  

Open up your Toyota Remote Connect app and simply tap lock or unlock on the screen. You can even start the engine remotely from the same screen if that feature is supported in your new Toyota. When taking any of these actions, you will be required to enter the four-digit PIN that you created when setting up your Remote Connect account, so don’t forget it!  

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You can also use this app to find your vehicle remotely, which can come in handy when you forgot where you parked when you went grocery shopping. On the same screen where you find the engine start, lock, and unlock options, you will also find the Vehicle Finder icon. Simply tap that icon and a map will display to show where you are in relation to the car. You will also need your four-digit PIN for this as well. Another option you have with Remote Connect is seeing your vehicle status, which gives you stats that include how much fuel you currently have. 

If you want to know which of our new Toyota models you can connect to Toyota Remote Connect, contact us today!