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What is That Mysterious Ticking Noise?

Ticking Toyota Engine Diagnostics

What is that mysterious ticking noise? No, it’s not the Harry Potter Puppet Pals from YouTube! A ticking noise coming from your Toyota vehicle’s engine can be a cause for anxiety, and rightly so. Depending on what is causing the ticking, you could end up with some serious engine damage (and an expensive bill) if you do not get it fixed right away. To help you figure out what that mysterious ticking noise could be, we are sharing some possible diagnostics.

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Fuel is Being Injected into Your Engine

To help feed your engine as you drive, fuel goes through your fuel injector, which opens and closes at regular intervals. Sometimes, those valves are just a little noisy as they open and close and can create a rhythmic ticking sound. This is perfectly normal and is just considered a personality quirk. Subaru vehicles are well known for this quirk, and it might be possible that your Toyota has it too. It is still a good idea to check with one of our service technicians for verification.

Exhaust Manifold Leak

If you notice that mysterious ticking noise when your Toyota is idle or operating at low RPMs, there is a chance that your Toyota has an exhaust manifold leak. While not an emergency, it is a good idea to get this fixed sooner rather than later.

Your Toyota Does Not Have Enough Oil

The engine oil in your Toyota keeps moving parts lubricated and operating smoothly. A mysterious ticking noise can mean your engine oil level is low. Check your oil level and add the recommended amount.

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Toyota Engine Diagnostics and Repairs in Lima, OH

The causes that we listed above are just a few of the reasons why your Toyota engine is making a mysterious ticking noise. Other possibilities include worn out time belts, engine valves not operating correctly, bad bearings, and more. To get a precise diagnosis and high-quality Toyota engine repairs, please schedule a service appointment with us here at Allan Nott Toyota!


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