Top Five Gadgets of 2014 for Your Vehicle That Just May Save Your Life


No Matter Where Life Takes You Always Be Prepared With These Handy Gadgets

Top Five Gadgets of 2014 for Your Vehicle

Whether you are the hardcore adventurous type heading to the woods every weekend or you just find yourself on the road a lot, we have compiled a list of pretty neat gadgets you may want to consider having with you at all times. A lot of the items on our “Top Five Gadgets of 2014 For Your Vehicle That Just May Save Your Life” list double as great things for camping and everyday situations as well. Check them out and be a savvier driver this summer!

In no particular order, here is the list of our Top Five Gadgets of 2014 For Your Vehicle That Just May Save Your Life.


The Brunton WOW Camp Lantern retails for about $50. Click the image to shop.

Brunton WOW Camp Lantern:

  • At the most basic level, everyone should always have some sort of flashlight in their vehicle at all times, but the Brunton WOW Camp Lantern goes above and beyond that. Its 40-lumen output casts out plenty of light to change a tire in the dark or read a road map if the GPS fails. What’s really cool about this lantern is that it has three flexible legs with magnetic feet that can be removed to hold something like a camera and act like a tripod. The magnetic feet adjust to stick firmly to any contour of metal on your vehicle.


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Brunton Restore Solar Power Pack:

  • Burton makes a great product that has been field tested and is trusted by many a hardcore adventure seeker. The Burton Restore Solar Power Pack is a solar powered energy source that easily fits in your glove box, center council, purse or pocket. By using its two polycrystalline solar panels, it can capture enough energy from the sun’s rays to give your phone or other device juice via a USB connection.



BioLite CampStove and Portable Grill:

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    When most people think of gadgets to store in your vehicle, a grill usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, this grill is just too cool to leave out of the conversation. The BioLite CampStove is a portable grill that will charge your phone via USB and grill up some burgers with clean energy found in the great outdoors. It’s fueled by things like twigs and pine cones and it gets hot enough to boil a liter of water in less than five minutes. This ingenious device uses jets to circulate air through chambers to produce clean energy through combustion. An attachable grill add-on is big enough for about four burgers or some hot dogs. Tailgating, camping, picnics, fishing trips, you name it, the BioLite CampStove will come in handier than you might think!


Learn more about the SPOT Gen3 GPS Messenger at the Sports Authority by clicking the picture.

SPOT Gen3 GPS Messenger:

  • Another gadget that performs a double duty, this little device can be taken just about anywhere and may just be a life saver. The SPOT Gen3 GPS Messenger lets you send out signals with coordinates to places like Google maps for notifying friends and family of your location. It also features an SOS alert feature that can send a distress message to your personalized contacts and rescue units.

CoolMax Travel Blanket:

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    Not really a gadget, but nevertheless a must have! Shop the for one at by clicking the picture!

    This item on our list of “Top Five Gadgets of 2014 for Your Vehicle That Just May Save Your Life” isn’t really breaking any new ground like some of our other picks, but nevertheless it’s a must have. We like the CoolMax Travel Blanket because it’s inexpensive, warm and super portable. When folded up, the blanket packs into about the size of drinking glass and can be tucked away pretty much anywhere. It’s also breathable so it works great in just about any climate.