Toyota GR Supra Sport Top SEMA 2020 Exterior Passenger Side Front Profile

Was there a convertible Toyota Supra at the 2020 SEMA Show?

The SEMA show always introduces us to unique and interesting spins on the vehicles we know and love, especially when it comes to the Toyota brand. The automaker loves to show off what’s possible with their vehicles, and this year – despite the unique spin on the event due to what’s happening in the world – they showed us something truly special, something we didn’t even realize we wanted. At the 2020 SEMA Show, Toyota showed off a convertible version of the iconic Supra sports car dubbed the GR Supra Sport Top.

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“We had such a great response to the Heritage Edition last year. I asked the guys at our Motorsports Garage if we could take the Heritage Edition to the next level and make a Supra with that removable roof everyone remembers from the MKIV?”

– Ed Laukes, Group Vice President of Marketing, Toyota

Design Features

While it’s unlikely that this vehicle will be available to the general public, we’re so stoked to get a glimpse into this possibility. Built onto the GR Supra Heritage Edition, the GR Supra Sport Top features very similar visuals and enhancements to that model, with the addition of a completely removable roof which turns the Supra into a convertible.

Toyota teamed up with KC’s Paint Shop in Forth Worth, Texas to remove the roof from the vehicle, then two composite panels were 3D printed at Toyota Motor North America Research and Development up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Plenty of reinforcement was added to round out the convertible sports car and make sure not only that you can open the top to the wind, but that it would remain safe even without that roof.

Toyota GR Supra Sport Top SEMA 2020 Exterior Passenger Side Rear Profile
Toyota GR Supra Sport Top SEMA 2020 Interior Cabin

We’ll cross our fingers for something like this actually becoming available in the future, but until then we’ll have to sate our appetites with the traditional Toyota Supra!