How To: Charge Your Toyota Electric Vehicle at Home or in Public

April 6th, 2022 by

What are the Different Levels of Toyota Electric Vehicle Charging?

The average electric vehicle requires about three to four hours for a complete charge. This is enough for most regular commuting, but what if you want to go on vacation or spend the day out of town? What are the different levels of Toyota electric vehicle charging? Let’s take a look at how to charge your Toyota electric vehicle at home or in public in this White’s Honda Toyota blog post.

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Video: Charge Your Toyota Electric Vehicle

There are three ways that you can charge your Toyota electric vehicle. The first is at home and uses your existing 240V outlet in your garage. The second is by connecting to a public charging station, which offers Level 2 charging power. Finally, you can use a Level 1 charger like the 120V chargers that are used for smartphones.

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