2017 Toyota Sienna

2017 Toyota Sienna in Lima, OH 

It isn't terribly uncommon for Allan Nott Toyota customers to ask how the minivan remains relevant in today's crossover-obsessed world. The answer is very simple — the minivan remains the most flexible and capable vehicle for people with one of the widest ranges of needs. The 2017 Toyota Sienna in Lima, OH has benefitted from several consecutive years of refinements and improvements. For the new model year, potential owners of the 2017 Sienna will finally be getting an engine upgrade as well as a new transmission which aims to further improve the minivan's efficiency and overall capability.

There are a number of ways where the 2017 Toyota Sienna in Lima, OH is a superior choice over crossover SUVs as well as the remaining minivans on the market. Large sliding doors, a low load height and a cavernous amount of interior space all make the new Sienna an objectively better choice for hauling cargo and transporting people than many larger and less efficient SUVs. On the subject of interior space, the 2017 Toyota Sienna can fit up to eight passengers, depending on which layout is available with the trim grade an Allan Nott Toyota customers chooses. Additionally, the vehicle continues to offer around 150 cubic-feet of cargo space when all of the seats are properly stowed away.

Performance specs of the 2017 Sienna

In a model year where several Toyota vehicles are getting power plant upgrades, the automaker was wise to not forget about the 2017 Toyota Sienna in Lima, OH. Future owners will still have one engine choice, a brand new 3.5-liter, V-6 making nearly 300 horsepower and 263 pound-feet of torque. The new transmission for the 2017 Sienna is an eight-speed automatic which will help with fuel efficiency as well as making towing up to 3,500 pounds easier. In fact all versions of the new Toyota minivan features the Towing Prep Package. Environmental Protection Agency fuel-economy scores for the 2017 Sienna come in at a combined 22 miles per gallon with front-wheel drive models and 20 mpg for all-wheel drive versions.