2020 Toyota Sequoia on a camping trip near the mountains

2020 Toyota Sequoia Lima, OH

The legendary Paul Bunyan logger has long been part of American folklore. With the help of his trusty blue ox, Babe, and his team of lumbermen, Paul Bunyan cleared much of Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota of its forests. While the story of Paul Bunyan takes place in the 1800s, it is still told and loved today. Here at White’s Toyota, we imagine that a modern-day Paul Bunyan would love the Great Outdoors and relish in Ohio’s natural beauty while cooking up flapjacks for his friends. And we imagine that he would be driving the 2020 Toyota Sequoia! 

Named after the giant trees found in California, the 2020 Toyota Sequoia is one of the few remaining full-sized SUVs on the market, and it is a favorite choice for many drivers because it is BIG! Depending on your chosen trim, there will be seating accommodations for up to seven or eight passengers – all of whom will enjoy plenty of leg, head, and elbow room, even if they are tall in stature. No matter if you are just going for a daytime hike or a week-long camping adventure, you will have enough room for all your gear thanks to the 18.9 / 66.6 / 120.1-cubic foot cargo space. 

White 2020 Toyota Sequoia on a gravel road
Gray 2020 Toyota Sequoia on a paved road
Front dash and steering wheel of the 2020 Toyota Sequoia
Rear cargo area of the 2020 Toyota Sequoia

2020 Toyota Sequoia Engine Performance 

Like Paul Bunyan, the 2020 Toyota Sequoia is not only big but also strong thanks to the 5.7L V8 engine under the hood – which can easily pull Babe the big blue ox, a big boat for your fishing adventures, or a big trailer to haul wood for heating your home. Specifications for the engine are as follows: 

  • 381 horsepower 
  • 401 lb-ft torque 
  • 7,400-pound towing capacity 
  • RWD or 4WD available 
  • 13 mpg-city / 17 mpg-highway estimated fuel economy 
  • 26.4-gallon fuel tank 

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