Toyota Headlight Polishing Lima, OH 


Some of the most-used components of our Toyota are the headlights. They allow us to see on the darkest nights and during the heaviest rainstorms and snowstorms. Those headlights also allow other drivers to see us on dreary days – and that will help keep us safe. 


Although Toyota only uses the best materials and lightbulbs, the headlights will start to dull over time. This is completely normal and every single brand on the market experiences this issue. As we drive our Toyota, we encounter tiny particles of dirt and debris, and since we drive at relatively high speeds, those particles really stick to the headlights – and a basic wash job is not going to get rid of it. 


If you surf the internet, you will find articles claiming that certain products and tactics work wonders for clearing your headlights. These claims can range from scouring your headlights with Colgate toothpaste to some magical chemical that is for sale on a sketchy website. 


Honestly, the best way to have your Toyota model's headlights polished is by bringing your vehicle to our service department, where our skilled technicians have the correct tools to get the job done quickly and perfectly. Our technicians use the best buffing tools to make your headlights shine like new – and they tape up the surrounding paint to help protect it while they work! 


How Often Should I Bring My Vehicle to White's Toyota  for Headlight Polishing? 


There is no definitive answer as to how often you should have your headlights polished. Many drivers find once a year to be sufficient while others prefer having it done twice a year. It truly depends on how much you drive and the kinds of elements you regularly encounter. If your headlights are starting to look a little cloudy, please contact us here at White's Toyota  and schedule a service appointment today!