Toyota Mountain Trekking Preparation Maintenance Lima, OH

Mount Saint Helens at sunset

Thanks to the glaciers from the last ice age, Ohio is quite hilly. While we are familiar with driving on those hills, mountains are a whole different animal. The Alleghany Mountains are not far from us and we might have some experience with driving on them, but they do not compare to the Rocky, Cascade, and Sierra ranges out west. Compared to the Appalachians, the western ranges are geologically younger and are much more rugged. This means that if you are road tripping through the area, you will be going up and down some steep passes and encounter some hairpin turns. The road to Yosemite National Park in California is notorious for these characteristics – and some areas do not even have guardrails! Driving through that area is not for the faint of heart! 

If your next road trip includes visiting these western national parks or driving through mountain ranges, it is imperative that your Toyota is prepared. While many of today’s Toyota models come available with all-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive, which provide a solid grip on those mountain roads, there are a few maintenance tasks that should be performed to help keep you safe. 

When you bring your Toyota to the service center here at White's Toyota  and you let us know what your travel plans are, our highly-skilled service technicians will put extra care into making sure that your brakes and transmission are working properly to help you get up and down those mountains smoothly. They will also inspect the tires to ensure that they will deliver safe performance. 

To learn more about mountain trekking preparation maintenance for your Toyota, please contact the service center here at White's Toyota  and schedule a service appointment. Thanks and we look forward to helping you out!