Know more about the engine offered for the 2022 Toyota Prius Prime

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What engine powers the 2022 Toyota Prius Prime?

With an ever-so-impressive run to date, the Prius is one of Toyota’s prized possessions and has made a mark time and again, in the automotive industry. The Prius offers unparalleled practicality and efficiency making it one of the most cost-efficient vehicles in the market. Originally introduced as a hybrid, the Prius launched the plug-in hybrid version of the vehicle in 2012 to further diversify its offering. The Prius Prime imbibes all the qualities of the Prius brand and pushes it even further with the plug-in hybrid powertrain. Speaking of plug-in hybrid, what engine powers the 2022 Toyota Prius Prime? We at White’s Toyota in Lima, Ohio, have listed out all the details in this article for your information.

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The 2022 Prius Prime can be configured in three trims – LE, XLE, and Limited. The base LE trim costs $29,245 MSRP* while the top-end Limited trim costs $35,025 MSRP*. Would you like to move up to the 2022 Prius Prime? Contact us today to reserve a test drive slot.

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The 2022 Toyota Prius Prime’s Powertrain

The 2022 Prius Prime’s powertrain is made up of a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine and two electric motors that combine to produce 121 horsepower. The electric motors are powered by an 8.8 kWh battery. The powertrain setup is mated to a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). Power goes to the front wheels through the standard front-wheel-drive drivetrain system.

When it comes to charging, the battery can be charged in about two hours with a 240-volt power outlet. The same will take up to 5.5 hours with a regular 120-volt household outlet.

2022 Toyota Prius Prime’s Increased Efficiency

While the powertrain in itself is advanced in its own right, other technological features added to the setup makes it that much more efficient. For instance, when the vehicle is set to EV Auto Mode while driving, it runs on electric power for the most part. In challenging situations like climbing uphill, the vehicle automatically switches to the gasoline engine for more power.

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